Raising an Independent Toddler

I want to make my toddler independent but I also don’t want to push her too much. What to do? The look on a child’s face when they have accomplished a task is amazing, but before they master a task there will be some frustration. Don’t let that dissuade you. We don’t need to fear […]

What Can I Do About My Rude Toddler?

My toddler is becoming disrespectful. Her go-to response for me is yelling and rudeness. What can I do about this? I want her to express herself but frankly, I also want her to stop yelling at me. Ahhh, that fine line between empowerment and a tiny screaming gremlin. The first thing to do is chill […]

Sharing is Not Always Mandatory

It is playground time and I’m not sure how to handle sharing. If my child rides her balance bike to the playground, should I let other kids play on it if they want? How about other toys that she brings? If you brought a book to the playground and someone saw it, said it looked […]

Setting Up a Stress-Less Summer

I love the summer, but with it comes fights about drinking water and putting on sunscreen. The kids are bored and travel is a nightmare.  Help me make this summer less stressful! Summer fun is great but YES it does come with some stress. Here is how to chill out this summer. Get the sunscreen […]

What to Do When Time Out Isn’t Working

I know people who spank, but there are so many studies that say no way, and it has really been in the news lately. I want to try other options but what? Time Out just isn’t working for us. I hear you. First let’s change the way we see discipline. Discipline is not about making […]

Taming Out-of-Line Behavior

My kid is mean to me. She yells at me, stomps her feet, even hits me. I know that she is tiny but it’s tough. I want to keep her spirit but not the nasty. When I hear situations such as this from clients, and even friends, I ask the parents, “Why does your child […]

My Toddler is Hitting Me!

My toddler gets mad and hits me. I know she is frustrated and doesn’t mean it, but it does hurt sometimes and I have had enough of it. What can I do? You are right. Toddlers can get very frustrated because they do not have enough language to express how they feel, and they end […]

How Can I Make My Toddler Sleep?

My 3 year old will NOT sleep. He keeps coming out of his room and it’s driving me crazy. How can I make him sleep? Well, you can’t really make him sleep, but you can create an environment that is conducive to sleep. Start by having a routine and keep it the same almost every […]