Potty Training Regression

"My 3 year old has suddenly begun to poo in his underwear after being potty trained for over six months. We can't figure it out! He tells us after he has gone and sometimes tries to clean it up himself (making for a huge and unsanitary mess). There is no place or time associated with the accidents: sometimes at home, sometimes when we are out and frequently when there is a potty nearby. We've asked him why he doesn't say anything, ask to go to the potty (or just go as he usually does) or to... read more

Feeding with Confidence: Online Class Re-cap

We recently held an important and enlightening class, presented by experts Jessica Deckinger, Chief Marketing Officer at Inspired Start, and Kendra Epstein, Certified Holistic Health Coach, on feeding your baby with confidence. During the session, Jess and Kendra discussed such … read more

Dads Get Depressed Too

It’s a difficult word: depressed.   It’s not something most of us want to be connected with. I know people who are ok with anxiety because as debilitating as it is, it somehow feels more active to have anxiety. More … read more

Preventing Maternal Suicide

Sasha Hettich’s family knew she’d been suffering from postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety. She first experienced symptoms three years earlier, after the birth of her daughter. She’d tried medication, joined a local support group, and spent 10 days at an … read more