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Should I Discipline My Child Now or Later?

Sometimes, well, lot’s of times, when I’m out with the kids they do something wrong but we are out so I can’t discipline. I end up forgetting later. What can I do in the moment or can I just forget about it? This is a big dilemma for many folks. Ya don’t wanna scream at your kids in front of others, and what do you take away? Dessert that will happen 5 hours from now? Toys that have nothing to do with what is going on at the moment? Grrr, it’s tough. Many just throw in the towel... read more

Healing After Vaginal Birth

How long does it take my body to heal after having a baby vaginally? After nine months of pregnancy during which you experienced body changes – including weight gain, hormonal changes, breast enlargement and others – you finally deliver your … read more

Carefree August Memories

To honor the end of August – which, for many, represents long, hot, lazy days at the beach- I thought I would share a passage from a beautiful book, called Life Is Full of Sweet Spots by Mary O’Connor: Marine biologist … read more

Ways to Manage Back to School Clutter

Your e-mail inbox is full of back-to-school sale announcements, and the kids are earnestly discussing new backpack and outfit possibilities. Perhaps you still haven’t completely sorted through last year’s end-of-school clutter. Now you’re faced with the task of renegotiating new … read more