Are you beginning to realize why this stage has affectionately been coined, “The terrible twos (or even ones!)”? As cute as toddlers are, do you sometimes feel like living in Boston with a toddler has its unique set of challenges? The good news is on our national blog you’ll find information on how to “speak” toddler, calmly deal with tantrums, potty training, bed time routines, healthy eating, separation anxiety, language development, here you’ll find essentials tips on how on raising a toddler in the Boston area!

My Son Wants to Wear a Tutu

My 3 year old son wants to wear a tutu to school. He sees his sister wearing one and wants to as well. I don’t know what to do. Yes or no?  First ask yourself what about this bothers you. Are you worried that his peers or teachers will disapprove or make fun of him? The other parents? Are you... read more

Successful Toilet Training: Online Class Re-cap

How do you know when child is ready for toilet training? We recently held a highly informative session, facilitated by Dana Rosenbloom, child development expert - and generously sponsored by Happy Family - that helped parents recognize the signs of readiness. Dana also shared the initial steps in... read more

What Can My Toddler Do By Herself?

I’m not sure what my toddler can do by herself. I want her to be independent but I don’t want to push her too hard as she is only 2.3 years. If she goes to school, the first step is to ask what she does solo there. In many schools, toddlers put their own lunch on shelves, take off coats and... read more