Big Kid

We know you probably hear this all the time, but don’t kids grow up so fast!? One minute you’re worrying that your baby will never sleep through the night and may very well go to school without being potty trained and the next minute, they’re all grown up (which brings it’s own set of challenges!). Don’t worry because on our national blog you’ll find information fostering positive friendships, healthy eating habits, language and developmental delays, protecting your children from predators, reinforcing learning, after school activities, things to do on the weekends in the Boston area and more!

Tips for Talking About Death to a Child

There is no pain like that of losing a loved one, especially at a young age. After such a tragic loss, small children often experience a whirlwind of emotions for quite some time. They’re tremendously saddened, distraught, angry, and can have a lot of unanswered questions. As parents, what do we... read more

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Courtesy of Station Chrysler Jeep of Mansfield Like what you read? Also check out our latest FREE online classes, parenting advice, jobs for moms, events, childcare listings, casting calls & raffles, and our Parents With Nannies Facebook group. The views and opinions expressed on this... read more

What Do Your Kids Really Want?

There is an epidemic in this country. Kids are becoming more detached and un-engaged. I was sitting at a restaurant with my wife the other night and saw a large family sitting nearby. Every kid had their own iPad out. The waiter asked them a question but their parents were happy to answer on their... read more

online safety for children

How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Does that feeling of needing eyes in the front, back and sides of your head sound familiar? In a world that is being increasingly influenced by technological devices and the online environment, keeping on top of what your children are viewing, sending and receiving online can very quickly become a... read more