Welcome moms! In case the name Mommybites didn’t clue you in, everything about this site and this company is designed with you in mind. We know how joyful yet overwhelming motherhood can be, so in addition to all the amazing information you’ll find on our national blog such as finding balance, relationships, health, products, finances and work, here you’ll find specific information on being a mom in the Boston area!

National Baby Safety Month Tips

September is #NationalBabySafetyMonth, sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This month-long event increases consumer awareness of baby safety issues and the safe selection and use of baby products. For the past 40 years, MAM’s top priority has been the... read more

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Healing After Vaginal Birth

  How long does it take my body to heal after having a baby vaginally? After nine months of pregnancy during which you experienced body changes - including weight gain, hormonal changes, breast enlargement and others - you finally deliver your baby vaginally and, despite being overjoyed... read more