5 Ways To Promote Outdoor Exercise

Are your kids getting enough exercise? Children’s health organization Nemours recommends that children between ages 6 and 17 get a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Spring, when the weather starts to warm up and kids find themselves itching to go outside, is an excellent time to encourage your kids to get […]

What Every Mom Should Know about Baby CPR

No mother ever wants to experience the torment of finding that her precious little one is no longer breathing. Thankfully, as this guide from Carrington.edu points out, it is possible to prevent life-threatening accidents. Teaching your little one the meaning of the word “no” early on is very important, as is keeping household chemicals out of reach, emptying […]

My Toddler is Hitting Me!

My toddler gets mad and hits me. I know she is frustrated and doesn’t mean it, but it does hurt sometimes and I have had enough of it. What can I do? You are right. Toddlers can get very frustrated because they do not have enough language to express how they feel, and they end […]

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Mommybites Community

As Thanksgiving rolls around again – whether you’re staying close to home or hitting the highways and sky-ways; if you’re honoring old customs or starting new family traditions; whether you’re about to be a first-time mom, your baby just started teething, your toddler just threw his first tantrum, your pre-schooler learned to write her name […]

How Do I Handle An Epic Toddler Tantrum?

My kid’s meltdowns are EPIC! I don’t know whether to give in, give a Time Out, or give him away (no, not really). Help? Ahhh, The Epic Toddler Tantrum. It is a masterful thing. Number one, remember that it is not about you. Your child might be mad at you, but the child’s explosion is […]