Notes from “Mommybites Summit Roundtable | Hot Parenting Topics” Show #2

Today on our blog talk radio show we were honored to have four of our Mommybites Summit speakers on hand to answer questions on hot parenting topics such as green & organic baby products and furniture, toxins in the home, baby safety, co-sleeping, & the BRAVO show “Pregnant in Heels”. Our guests today included

If you missed the show, you can listen to it live here:

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Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the show!


  • Heating plastic leaches chemicals into the food.
  • Switch your cleaning products to plant based ones. Seventh Generation, even Clorox has a green one.
  • Take your shoes off when you come in! You can get rid of 80% of toxins by doing this.
  • Eat whole, fresh, pesticide free food, especially early on in pregnancy.
  • The Dirty Dozen – 12 fruits and vegetables that retain the most pesticides when grown (strawberries and peaches on this list) Try to reduce those 12 fruits and veggies and you eliminate 70% of pesticides.
  • – great resource
  • Quantity of lead in our dust does affect our children to the point that it showed up on screening tests so get your house tested for lead.
  • No bumper in the crib.
  • Mercury is now out of vaccines
  • The four A’s: Allergies, Adhd, Autism, or Asthma – 30% of today’s parents are dealing with one of these.


  • If mom and dad enjoy 400 thread count cotton sheets, can you imagine how much sleep they are going to get if their babies get just as good? Buy quality products for your children.
  • In the past 20 years, 11 million cribs have been recalled.
  • – great resource
  • There is nothing wrong with bumpers.
  • The number one cause of death in infants is co-sleeping with parents


  • When you get your baby mattress, air it out right away. The longer you air it out the better.
  • Priority should be on products that actually touch the baby’s skin: cribs (they might eat them!) skin care (Episencial is a good one).
  • Check out to see how your skincare products line up.
  • No bumper in the crib
  • If you want to co-sleep, you should go with the co-sleeper attachment.
  • Just because you are not in the same bed does not mean you can’t be very close.


  • Cotton, unless is organic, needs to be sprayed with pesticides in order to grow. Very good to look for organic cotton materials.
  • No bumper in crib.
  • Co-sleeping is such a personal issue.

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