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So you’ve bought into the “if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” philosophy of living in New York. When the plus one (plus two, etc) comes into the picture, most NY families struggle with the cost of raising their children in the city. One of the big selling points for hightailing out of NYC is education, specifically having to deal with the crazy tests, interviews, and hefty fees of a preschool program. Now along comes a company who has put a price tag on how much it actually cost to have someone prep your preschooler for private school. At $150 a hour, you can talk to someone who can help you figure out what it takes to get into Chapin. Or at $500, you can do it alone and purchase a “Pre-K and Kindergarten Test Prep Workbook.”

So is it worth it? Do you buy into the cost of private school in the city and/or prepping your 3/4/5 year old for admission into one of these schools? What is your take on should you stay or should you go specifically based on the price of a NYC education for your children?

~Elise, babybites NJ


One thought on “Education in the City

  1. This post highlights how daunting New York becomes when you have young kids. As someone who stuck it out, it has definitely been a struggle, but worth it for our family. The trick is finding a good tutor, one that can help you prep for the ERB and then later do enrichment tutoring. Our friend recommended Private School Edge and we’ve been really happy so far. In the end, the money and stress and craziness of education isn’t as important as seeing your child grow!

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