Expectant Moms’ Night Out

Last Thursday, Mommybites held an expectant mom event held at COCO-MAT on Mercer Street.  The party was generously sponsored by Motorola, so over 30 expectant moms were able to come and enjoy the evening at no cost!

Rebecca (of Mommybites) and I ran the event, and when we walked into COCO-MAT we were floored by how beautiful the store was. The front area was a display of their mattresses and then as we moved towards the back, candles were lit everywhere. There was an open island kitchen, comfy couches and chairs and a whole display of baby furniture – including cribs, organic crib mattresses, and changing tables.






Apparently, COCO-MAT not only sells high quality organic mattresses, but the people who work there are also great cooks! They had a delicious array of little appetizers waiting for us, including cheese and crackers, roasted eggplant bites and chocolate covered figs – all homemade!

At 7:00 p.m., the moms-to-be started arriving. They mingled, ate, checked out the Motorola baby monitors, and settled into the comfy seats to hear the experts.

First, we had Jennifer Link of Sweet Pea Baby Planners talk about products essential to have as new moms, and then Sharon Tepper of Brownstone Nannies offered tips on finding and hiring a nanny. Motorola donated five baby monitors, which were raffled off to five lucky winners, and everyone left with gifts. Karen Haberberg photographed the event and even donated a one-hour photo session to one lucky mom-to-be.






The event was a huge success and a wonderful time was had by all!

Motorola is a sponsor of Mommybites. All comments and opinions in this blog post are those of the author and are not influenced by Motorola.

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3 thoughts on “Expectant Moms’ Night Out

  1. The event was very informative and a good time! Thanks again! 🙂

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