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Top Sprinklers in NYC

Wow! This heat wave is intense – let the water babies out!  Since it’s so hot out these days, we wanted to write to you about the best sprinklers in the city. We often take children to play in the water during our speech therapy sessions because we get so much spontaneous language out of them! Language skills you can target include commenting on the weather, labeling objects you are using such as “pail” and “shovel”, using adjectives such as “wet” and “dry, etc. It’s... read more

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Family Fitness in NYC

Summertime in NYC: moms are out with their babies, joggers are running along the river and groups of people are meeting up for fitness boot camps. Take another look and you’ll also see families stretching, doing obstacle courses and engaged … read more

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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Divorce

Dividing the marital home after a divorce can often be an uphill battle, and so it is important to have a real estate agent who understands the difficulty of your situation – handling it both delicately and effectively. Not every … read more

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NY Family Expo 2015

Here are just a few of the many incredible brands and vendors we met at the New York Family Baby Expo: Motorola pediped Bitybean Pager Jane Stokke We also met and connected with hundreds of parents! Here is a picture … read more

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Top NYC Spring Activities & Ways to Promote Speech and Language

The weather is finally getting warmer and there are tons of things to do outside to celebrate spring! We recommend that parents encourage new vocabulary and language when outside. Feel free to talk about the beautiful spring colors you are … read more

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Best NYC Swim Classes for Kids & How to Encourage Language in the Water

Spring is officially here, and what better way to gear your child up for summer than to take swim lessons! Our motto is “the earlier the better” – so that your child develops a love for the water and becomes … read more

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Ready, Set, Go: How To Pack The Perfect Hospital Bag

The weeks before baby is due to arrive are usually the busiest, from prepping the nursery to stocking up on all the necessities. But getting ready for your trip to the hospital shouldn’t be overlooked. Oftentimes, organizing the hospital bag … read more

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Sweet February Deals 2015

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share some “disgustingly adorable love letters from kids.” Here’s one of our favorites: Dear Mom, I love you more than rainbows and beautiful blue skies. I love you more than … read more

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Wonderful Winter Deals 2014

Winter in New York!  What could be better!? “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” – … read more

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Top Places for Holiday Toys in NYC

If you’re anything like us you’re doing last minute holiday shopping! As speech pathologists we always need to update our therapy bags, so we do ongoing and endless research to find out where the best toys are sold. We not … read more

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