Hints on Sharing a Vacation Home

With summer just around the corner, many of us are planning vacation rentals. This often means sharing a home with extended family or close friends. Many times, the result is a convivial, festive romp that produces fond memories and occasional hilarity. Unless it doesn’t. There are several situations that may arise, particularly around other people’s children, which cause friction - or mortal combat - in even the most pacifistic among us. As one who spends a sizable chunk of the summer... read more

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Looking Forward to Spring

I keep thinking about the last episode of Sex and the City where Samantha gives a speech I keep thinking about the last episode of at a Cancer benefit saying, “She’s brave, she’s capable, she’s you. Oh f*@k it she’s … read more

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Spring Fever for Families in Transition

Whatever your spring holiday tradition, Easter baskets, Passover or celebrating the Vernal Equinox, for families in transition, it can be a time when tensions run high, patience runs low, and the appetite for creating a perfect holiday may exceed the … read more

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Put The Happy Into Your Mothers Day: Ideas To Keep You Positive And Centered As A Mom

With Mothers’ Day fast approaching, and with it the prospect of receiving another adorable round of glitter-covered picture frames and half-raw pancakes, it may be time to reflect on what mothers really need. Most moms readily declare that more sleep … read more

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Peaceful Parenting: Workshop Re-Cap

In case you missed it, Mommybites Bergen hosted one of its signature in-person events last week, which brought moms together for lunch, socializing and important parenting information. The Peaceful Parenting event featured expert Dr. Kevin Brennan, Clinical Psychologist and Parent … read more

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Reducing Test-Taking Anxiety

The Situation Today With New York State tests just around the corner, hearing children in your life complaining about their fears or frustrations around writing short answers and extended responses, explaining their answers, or the “stupid Common Core”, may be … read more

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Find the Shakespeare in Your Child: Top Children’s Acting Classes in NYC

It is never too early to introduce our children to the world of theater – and what better city in which to do it  than NYC! These classes provide our little ones with incredible learning experiences that intertwine acting, storytelling, … read more

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Parent-to-Parent Sensitivity

Parenting can be a rocky road.  Sure, there are moments of rapturous joy – the first time your kid rides a bike, or skis down a hill, or performs in a dance recital, or remembers to put her clothes in … read more

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Play is Critical to Healthy Brain Development

How do young children learn? The unanimous answer is that they learn by playing. Child Development specialists such as Vivian Gussin Paley, Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget all support that children need to play for the healthy development of their … read more

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Slippery Elm: A Mother’s Herbal Ally

As I sit at my desk this on sunny and cheerful Saturday morning in Brooklyn, excited and honored to write my first article for MommyBites, I confront the challenge of choosing the first herb to share in this herbal allies … read more

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