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Top NYC Special Education Camps

The Quad Manhattan Located downtown at the Spruce Street School in Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower, The Quad Manhattan incorporates “The Social Thinking” framework where children build specific skills and then generalize them into the community. Campers will be in state of the art facilities and near the water, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities! It is a 3:1 ratio with a maximum of 10 children per group. The teachers all have a special education background and instruction and... read more

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How to Develop Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Baby and Toddler: Bergen Live Event Re-Cap

Being a Mom is a rewarding and wonderful job, but we all know that it can be quite challenging too. Most mothers are faced with the high demands of taking care of young children while also being sleep deprived! Not … read more

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Helping Young Parents and Grandparents Negotiate Relationships: Bergen Live Event Re-Cap

This past Monday, a group of moms and grandmoms met at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ, for a Mommybites BERGEN live event facilitated by Dr. Karen Rancourt, Ph.D., Mommybites columnist for Ask … read more

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The Ultimate Parenting Question

As I’ve sat in my office counseling parents, had heart-to-hearts with friends in the preschool parking lot, and muddled through my own share of perplexing parenting moments, it has struck me that an important parenting question – perhaps the ultimate … read more

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Programs to Help Children Get the Most Out of Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and parents know that all that free time can be challenging to fill. We’re often asked how to organize summer plans that allow children to improve academic skills, or prepare for the social challenges of the … read more

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NYC’s Top Summer Camp Picks

Summer is almost here! With that, we know that it is time to find the perfect camp for your children. Camp not only helps children stay active and entertained during the summer months, but also allows them to create and … read more

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Laughter: The One Thing You Need on Your To-Do List

I recently attended a conference for work out in San Diego and found myself laughing hysterically at the organizer’s opening remarks. What surprised me was not her quick wit and natural ease on stage (though she was very funny!). No … read more

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A Mother’s Secret Wish List

We moms work hard. Our families expect us to whip up a home cooked meal, get school clothes ready, prepare packed lunches, give expert homework tuition, and know immediately where every lost toy is hiding. Simultaneously. And with a smile … read more

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Mother’s Day 2014 Deals

We at Mommybites happen to think Mother’s Day is pretty much the best “holiday” ever. So, in honor of this special day, we thought we would share a few quotes about being a mother: When your mother asks, “Do you … read more

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Unplugging Plugged-In Kids

With the prevalence of electronic everything, I’m finding that many kids – even little ones – are so plugged in that they won’t hold a conversation or sustain attention. This is, at a minimum, annoying and rude; and at worst, … read more

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