Casting Calls

Looking for child talent? Need moms or families for your production? You’ve come to the right place – a community of fun and diverse families who love to get involved.

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Casting Calls

Casting Extras for Infomercial

Seeking new moms with 6-18 month old babies for infomercial filming at a studio in Woodland Park, NJ on March 29th from 1pm to 5pm. Moms would be compensated and transportation provided if helpful. This promises to be a fun day for all! email [email protected] or call 347-979-3407 if interested.


TV Series Looking for Clients for Upscale Hair Salon

A new TV Series featuring a 5-star Manhattan salon is searching for women to receive a complete hair makeover. We are looking for clients who want to trade in their current style for a dramatic and stunning hair transformation. This hair makeover will be conducted by the salon’s brilliant stylists who are ready to take on challenging new looks to make you look fabulous! The makeover will include hair extensions, color changes, and a cut at a 5-star salon ($2,000 value for free). To be eligible, you must: *Be NYC-based, at least 18 years-old, willing to be on camera *Receive high-end hair extensions *You must be willing to go from SHORT to LONG hair and get a dramatic color change.To be considered, please visit: or email us at: [email protected]


Docu-Series Seeking New York City Food Entrepreneurs

An award-winning production company is looking for NYC-based food entrepreneurs with new and unique businesses that are shaking up the food industry. We are looking for innovative and charismatic entrepreneurs who fit the following criteria: *Has a NYC-based business *Works with food on a daily basis *Has a big business milestone coming up this year (or multiple) *Are willing to open up their lives to allow us to capture the exciting & terrifying experience of launching a business. To be considered, please visit: or email us at [email protected].


Nationwide Casting: Couples in Their 6th Year of Marriage

Are you in your 6th year of marriage? Do you have a big change or milestone coming up for year 7? An award-winning production company is seeking couples currently in their 6th year of marriage who have big milestones on the horizon. This potential series will follow couples throughout their 7th year of marriage. We’re looking for people who are eager to share the highs, the lows, the laughs and the issues that arise in their relationship. We want to explore the events, experiences and situations that couples face as they navigate the milestones in their lives. We are excited to hear from all genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. Whether you’re standing at a crossroads or are embarking on a new chapter in your relationship, we’re looking for outgoing and charismatic people who are eager to share their story with a TV audience. If you’re interesting in being considered, please fill out our online application: If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]


Documentary Casting: Is Your Last Name Black, White, or Love?

What does it mean to be Black or White in America? What is Love in America? A captivating new documentary project is looking to profile people with the surnames Black, White, and Love as a way to explore race, socioeconomic status and relationships in America. Our award-winning television production company is searching for people and families with these surnames who are currently facing big milestones or life circumstances whether they’re related to their race, economic status, relationships, lifestyles or family lives. We’re searching nationwide for people from all ethnicities, economic statuses, sexual orientations, marital statuses and education levels. We’re interested in finding people with outgoing, dynamic and big personalities who want to invite us into their world! To be considered, please fill out our online questionnaire: If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].


Docu-Series Seeking People Affected by Incidents of Mass Violence

We are developing a series about incidents of mass violence that have occurred in the U.S. We’re interviewing survivors, law enforcement, first responders, loved ones, and anyone else who was present and affected by one of these types of events. If you have lived through a mass casualty event and are interested in sharing your experience, please feel free to contact us for more information. Email with your name and contact info and we will reach out: [email protected]


PAID Project Featuring First Time Parents with Babies

We are currently casting a Video Project for a popular Baby Brand featuring all types of First Time Parents with Infants and Toddlers (0-2 years old). If you live in or are visiting Los Angeles,  Miami, Denver or Dallas, please submit the online questionnaire at:


Seeking Women Bar Soap Users for Beauty Brand Campaign

We are currently casting women who use bar soap to be featured in a campaign for a well known beauty brand. If you are interested in participating, please submit the online questionnaire at: