Beating the Baby Blues

For many women, it’s the happiest time in their lives. Yet for others, it’s an overwhelming time filled with emotions of loneliness and sadness. About 13 percent of women who give birth develop postpartum depression, and another 80 percent report general sadness. For most women who suffer from this disease, the peak of the condition […]

Ready, Set, Go: How To Pack The Perfect Hospital Bag

The weeks before baby is due to arrive are usually the busiest, from prepping the nursery to stocking up on all the necessities. But getting ready for your trip to the hospital shouldn’t be overlooked. Oftentimes, organizing the hospital bag is left until the very last minute (like when your water unexpectedly breaks), or it’s […]

Our NY Baby Show Favorites

Last weekend, the Mommybites team attended the NY Baby Show and we were so impressed with all of the incredible new products on the market! Here are some of our favorites: Hatch Things: The SureShop bag from Hatch Things allows you to hang a bag on your stroller without the constant worry of the stroller […]

NY Family Expo 2015

Here are just a few of the many incredible brands and vendors we met at the New York Family Baby Expo: Motorola pediped Bitybean Pager Jane Stokke We also met and connected with hundreds of parents! Here is a picture of just one of the many adorable babies who visited our booth. This little guy […]

Parent-to-Parent Sensitivity

Parenting can be a rocky road.  Sure, there are moments of rapturous joy – the first time your kid rides a bike, or skis down a hill, or performs in a dance recital, or remembers to put her clothes in the hamper – but there are also painful, difficult, heartbreaking spells, too, when your children […]

Sweet February Deals

A common gift to give on Valentine’s Day is… CHOCOLATE. A huge, collective thank you to whomever started that tradition. To celebrate this chocolate lover’s holiday, here are a few fun facts from Candy USA about chocolate and Valentine’s Day: More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s […]

The Trend In Downsizing for Young Families

When the word “downsizing” comes up in conversation, you may most often think of retired empty-nesters moving into a smaller place after all the kids have grown up and moved away. But in the last year, younger families have broken this mold by jumping the gun by a few (or many) years. Recently, it’s not […]

The Male Nanny Trend in New York City

Here we are again. Male nannies are back in the news and the debate rages on. It’s been ongoing ever since Britney Spears hired a “manny” back in 2006 when it became (and continues to be) a trend amongst celebrities. Every few years a manny article will create a short-lived media buzz that eventually dies […]