Interview with Sexologist

Judith Steinhart, EdD, is a clinical sexologist, sexual health consultant, and certified sexuality educator. She has spoken to diverse groups of PTAs at public and independent schools, the Parents League, taught at colleges and universities, undergraduate and graduate programs, and conferences, has...
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Quick and Healthy Snacks

In this video, nutritionist Cynthia Hill gives a cooking demonstration on how to make some healthy kids’ snacks.  She shows you how, with a blend and some simple ingredients, you can make delicious snacks for your children.  Join Cynthia in this segment to see how you can add organic and vitamin...
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Early Tooth Care and Thumb Sucking

In this video, pediatric dentist Dr. Julie Cernigliaro will highlight common questions and concerns that parents may have about pediatric dentistry from the infant through the school aged child. We will explain why it is important to have your child see a pediatric dentist and what pediatric...
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Choosing the Right Birth Plan

In this video, Lisa Gould Rubin, featured Today Show doula, childbirth expert, and author discusses how to have the birth that's right for you - not your mother, your sister or your best friend.  She talks about how you can make choices in labor and delivery based on who you are, not someone some...
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Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back

In this video, professional athlete and coach, Lyon Marcus, gives healthy guidelines to successful weight loss for new moms and discusses how to start or continue a strength and conditioning routine. Join Lyon as he shares tips on balancing fitness with motherhood and shares sensible tips on getting...
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Sex During Pregnancy

In this video, sexologist Judith Steinhart discusses sex and sexual feelings during the first, second and third trimester.  She addresses managing through the morning sickness and potential fatigue of early pregnancy, a high sense of energy (as well as an increased libido) and well-being during the...
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Lyon Marcus

Exercising During Pregnancy

In the video, professional athlete and coach, Lyon Marcus, talks about ways for women to safely continue exercising during pregnancy.  He addresses common questions, discuses basic diet recommendations and offers easy and highly effective fitness tips. Join Lyon in this segment to learn fun and...
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