Kids and Sports: Bench the Stench

Kids love to run around, play, and get dirty. As a parent, it can be quite the task to get all that laundry done. This becomes even more of a challenge when your child is involved in youth sports, specifically hockey. Your little hockey players can get a jersey dirty pretty quickly if you...
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Birthday Party Planning Tips

A birthday party is one of the events a kid looks forward to all year. It’s a day of fun, friends and frosting for them, but for parents, the looming prospect of a birthday party is viewed somewhat differently. There’s a lot that has to get done in order to throw a successful birthday party for...
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Will You Be My Valentine?

The holiday decorations and the wrapping paper have barely been put away. In fact, I still see Christmas lights on the house down the street. Despite this, boxes of valentines and candy have been on the shelves in Target for at least a week. So as a mother of a kindergartener, it’s time to think...
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Traveling With Kids

Tips for Driving with Kids in the Car

Let’s face it, even when you are driving alone in the car, it can be hard to focus - so is it any wonder that adding kids to the mix can make driving more challenging? Whether you’re breaking up a fight in the backseat or listening to loud conversations between siblings, you can easily have...
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Winning: Is it Really All About the Medal?

Checking out the social media pages over this past weekend, I was so impressed and happy to see how successful my friends children are at the sports they play.  Whether it be basketball tournaments, soccer, roller hockey or ice hockey, these kids are all superstars. So many of them wore...
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