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Kids and Hair Care

Parents are very fond of their children’s hair. Oftentimes, for little girls and their moms (even dads), fixing hair is a way to bond. Braids, ponytails, pigtails, and other fun hairstyles requiring colorful pins and ribbons never fail to amuse. The hair is also among the first things that...
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Do You Feel Confident?

If you answered with a firm YES - I applaud you! And, I also realize that those of us who answer with a firm YES are not the majority. It’s sad but true. For some reason, most all of us amazing women who are rock stars in our day to day chaotic lives lack some confidence. This article is here...
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5 Hot Made-In-The-USA Products For Mom

Every mom needs some space for relaxation and silence, especially after surviving the stress of the holiday season. It’s vital that you rejuvenate your relationship with your children by taking some time out for yourself. Tell your household that it’s “Mommy’s quiet time” now. When you...
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2012 Green Gift Guide for Parents

Last week I started off your holiday green gift guide with ideas for the kiddos. This week I wanted to focus on parents. Honestly, if you are at all into sustainable practices, gifts should be items that are reusable, made by and from sustainable materials/practices and be made as locally as...
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Natural Baby Products

You asked and you shall now receive. It’s only fair for us to share all of this stored up knowledge about a baby and what happens once the baby is born until they are no longer called a baby but a toddler! We now will answer, in a very public forum, all of those burning questions about babies...
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