Twin Talk: I Don't Always Love Being a Mom (There, I Said It)

Before anyone starts judging, I would like to point out that I didn’t say I didn't love my children. I just said I don't always love being a mom. What prompted me to write this was the other day, I was reading a post on a very popular Instagram account. It was the account of a woman who details...
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Dear Amanda: What's With All The Homework?

Dear Amanda is an elementary school teacher and parent of two school age children who provides honest and straightforward advice geared toward all things education. Here's the twist: she will answer your question as a parent as well as a teacher. These two opinions, while different, can provide a...
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My Toddler's 'Tude is Out of Control

My toddler is really flexing her muscles. Her attitude is out of control. I want to support her fire but I also really don’t like the ‘tude. Yup, toddlers start to push back and make their voices louder and louder as they wade deeper into their twos. They go past just the “no” stage into...
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Four Parenting Styles

Parenting is no easy feat. Taking care of a a little life takes up all of your attention and Moms and Dads develop different parenting styles to deal with this responsibility. Often, parenting style arises from the way parents  were raised when they were children, which means parents can have a...
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