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Dear Amanda: What's With All The Homework?

Dear Amanda is an elementary school teacher and parent of two school age children who provides honest and straightforward advice geared toward all things education. Here's the twist: she will answer your question as a parent as well as a teacher. These two opinions, while different, can provide a...
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The House vs. The Town: Which Matters MOST?

Since you first started imagining life in suburbia, you no doubt started picturing your “dream house.” Maybe it’s a vision you’ve been kicking around for years, or maybe it’s just now starting to take shape. Either way, it’s getting clearer and clearer by the day - the perfect backyard,...
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Critical Thinkers: How to Prioritize Education in the Home

Prioritizing education in the home is a huge factor in how your child will respond to school and homework. By focusing on your child's long-term development, you can improve his or her overall ability to solve complex problems and excel in school and life. Rick Ackerly, the author of The Genius...
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