Union County, NJ

Welcome to Mommybites Union County!

We are now offering Union County moms all of the support, resources, education and connections that Mommybites has become nationally recognized for.



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Please note: our online parenting classes do fill up. Please like our Facebook page where we post all of our online offerings the day we open them up for registration, so you won’t be shut out. We also list up-to-date part-time work for moms, casting calls, deals and more on our Facebook page to be sure to like us today! All class times are in EST.


Behind Mommybites Union

Photo Credit: Abigail Thomas Photography

Photo Credit: Abigail Thomas Photography

Allison Levitt, founder of Mommybites Union County, is a full-time mom of two young children. After leaving New York City and her job as the manager of law school recruiting at a global law firm to move to the New Jersey suburbs, she saw a great need in her new hometown for the support and resources she was lucky enough to find as a mom in Brooklyn. Allison works with local businesses and professionals to bring educational sessions to moms in Central New Jersey.