Promoting Better Study Skills

In this video, Dr. Rebecca Mannis, a Certified Learning Specialist, talks about the what 'twice exceptional" means. She also discusses ways that parents of elementary and middle school children can better identify and address learning styles and challenges and therefore support reading, writing and... read more

Talk To Your Kids About Money

In this video, Stacy Francis, owner of Francis Financial Inc., walks us through how to speak to your child about money.  She addresses the most commonly asked questions including "What age is appropriate to broach the subject?" and "Should I give my child an allowance?"  Stacy emphasizes the... read more

Starting a Business - Part I

In this video, Amy Abrams and Adelaide Lancaster of In Good Company Workplaces will talk about what you need to know when you work for yourself.  They address the common pitfalls and challenges of independent workers, and more importantly share strategies on how you can build your business in a way... read more