Choosing the Right Birth Plan

In this video, Lisa Gould Rubin, featured Today Show doula, childbirth expert, and author discusses how to have the birth that’s right for you – not your mother, your sister or your best friend.  She talks about how you can make choices in labor and delivery based on who you are, not someone some childbirth experts tells you that you should be.  Join Lisa as she guides you through steps that help you have the birth that is just right for you.

The Good Birth Match©


Lisa Gould Rubin, CCE, CD (DONA), Birth and Newborn Parenting Consultant has been teaching childbirth classes and providing prenatal, labor and postpartum support for nearly thirty years and hundreds of women long before it became a recognized profession. Lisa helped establish the doula program at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC. She has provided expert advice on childbirth and parenting to publications like The New York Times, Parenting Magazine and the Utne Reader. Lisa has been featured on the Today Show and she is the co-author of “The Birth That’s Right For You”. Lisa has created Distance Doula Support, to help you get the answers to your questions, make choices, custom-fit strategies and get the support that’s just right for you by phone and email throughout your pregnancy, your labor and at home with your new baby. Support at any time, from anywhere!


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Lisa welcomes your questions and invites you to weigh in with your own opinions and experiences in the comment section below.

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