In this video, life/career coach, Jenny Fenig, talks about mompreneurship and raising a family.  She discusses important questions to ask yourself before staring a business, research on women entrepreneurs and tips on balancing work and family.  Join Jenny in this segment to learn resources for how to obtain freedom, flexibility, family and financial rewards as a mompreneur.



For more information about the information that Jenny went over in the video, you can click below to download the PDF file on Jenny’s 4 F’s for mompreneurship.



Jenny Fenig, a yoga-inspired life/career coach, is passionate about guiding women to unleash their peaceful power at work, play and in this fascinating journey called life. She loves offering her unique brand of insight and inspiration through one-on-one coaching, live moms support groups in partnership with babybites, the Inner Mama Mastery Program, and her blog Zen Jenny. Jenny believes that women (moms especially!) are the greatest untapped natural resource in the world and it is her mission to clear the way for the next female revolution where moms are making the rules and families come first.


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Jenny welcomes your questions and invites you to weigh in with your own opinions and experiences in the comment section below.

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