Quick and Healthy Snacks

In this video, nutritionist Cynthia Hill gives a cooking demonstration on how to make some healthy kids’ snacks.  She shows you how, with a blend and some simple ingredients, you can make delicious snacks for your children.  Join Cynthia in this segment to see how you can add organic and vitamin rich food to your children’s meals.


For more information about the information that Cynthia went over in the video, you can click below to download the PDF file Cynthia’s cooking tips.

Busy Moms – Healthy Meals


Cynthia has been involved in health and well-being for over 10 years starting out as a licensed massage therapist. She has worked directly UPS, Bayer, WebMD, News Corporation, Fox, TV Guide, Christie’s Art Auction and FINRA to name a few. As an AADP board certified health counselor Cynthia founded FYI Cynthia to help busy women like herself (including moms and mommies-to-be!) who want to achieve a better diet and lifestyle for themselves and their families. Her services include: Health counseling for individuals, families and busy parents, Guiding you in losing and maintaining your weight, helping you obtain a sense of well being and inside-out beauty. Cynthia also holds a certificate in health counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and SUNY College in New York.






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