Getting Your Tween to Open Up

In this video, child Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Klagsbrun (Dr. K) , discusses what being a tween means and how to get your tween to open up to you. She also talks about helpful verses not helpful responses in talking with your tween and normal moodiness verses symptoms of clinical depression. Join Dr. K in this segment to learn ways that you can better talk to and interact with your tween.


For more information about the information that Dr. K went over in the video, you can click below to download the PDF file that outlines her tween talk.

Getting Your Tween to Open Up


Sarah Klagsbrun, MD is a Child Psychiatrist, Medical Doctor, and mother of 3 who runs her Parenting With Dr K seminars out of her office in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. Dr K specializes in helping parents better understand their children so that parents can have the best relationship they possibly can with their children. Dr K sees parents and children in her private practice as well as does home visits and school observations. Dr K also uses videotaping to help parents directly observe their interactions with their children and strengthen the interaction between them. Dr K also treats adults in her private practice. Dr K runs parenting seminars in her office.

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One Response to Getting Your Tween to Open Up

  1. S Rodriguez says:

    Dr. K. was on target on all her samples. I will make certain to listen to my child and give opinions as needed. Thanks Dr. K. for the wonderful tips and how to raise a tween.

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