Mommy Comedy

In the video, well known comedian Lisa Blythe Perlman, gives a sampling of her mommy humor. Here you will get a glimpse on her views on pregnancy, motherhood and life in general. She pokes fun at everything from food cravings, to finding a formal dress while 9 months pregnant. Join Lisa in this light hearted video where Lisa knows that as a new mommy, a little comedy from the crib is essential to sanity.

Bio: Lisa Blythe Perlman is a stand-up comic and writer. She has performed at comedy clubs throughout the country and produces comedy shows for both corporate and private events. She performs her brand of mommy humor, “Comedy from the Crib” at expectant mother events, and is available for baby showers, birthday parties and moms’ night out events. She is currently working on a book about pregnancy and motherhood entitled Fat, Sober and Angry. Lisa is a graduate of Cornell University, and resides in Manhattan with her two favorite men: her savvy entrepreneurial husband David Kaufman, and her beautiful son, Joshua.

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  1. oh my gosh she’s great! Right? half a glass of wine? WHAT?! love this!

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