Parenting Through a Financial Crisis

In this video, Dr. Jennifer Jones will guide us through one of today’s hottest topics – how the economy is especially hard on parents, how to discuss it with their children.  Younger  children  have  trouble  understanding  complex  issues,  and  they  tend  to  blame themselves for problems they don’t understand; by contrast, older children feel embarrassed when their family’s financial woes impact their social lives, and can  lash  out  against  the  parents  in  response.   Join Dr. Jones for a discussion about how  you  can  harness  the  power  of  this  struggle  and  turn  it  around  for  yourself  and  for  your  kids including communication strategies, preparation, and empowerment.


For further details and information about Dr. Jones’ talk, please click on the PDF’s below.

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Dr. Jennifer Jones, founder of, is considered one of our generation’s leading authorities on children. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked with thousands of families and numerous schools, governments and private institutions worldwide, gathering observations about behavior and parenting practices common to all cultures and classes. Her uniquely universal perspective on childrearing speaks to issues every parent will recognize.  In addition to her work with families, Dr. Jones draws from experience as a teacher and university professor. She also brings a wealth of knowledge from having supervised the design of dozens of new public schools, private schools and educational programs in Florida, Latin and South America. In this work, she trained thousands of teachers in strategies for managing child behavior and consulted for institutions and governments in the U.S. and abroad.  Dr. Jones holds a Masters and Ph.D. from Columbia University Teachers College.

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