Baby Sign Language Alphabet

In this video, music therapist and teacher Lora Heller talks and gives examples of using the American Manual Alphabet.  She discuses how sign language can be used with all children to jump start language, provide motivation and foundation for speech and helps create an immediate bond between parent and child. Join Lora in this segment to watch the specific ways that you can start using sign language in your house today.

For more information about the information that Lora went over in the video, you can click below to download the PDF file that Lora’s summary of American sign language.

Using Sign Language


Lora Heller, MS, MT-BC, LCAT Music Therapist, Teacher of the Deaf, & Mom to Zeke and Sian. She is the Founding Director of Baby Fingers LLC and is a Licensed Music Therapist with a Master of Science in Special Education/Deaf Education. Lora is a certified Sign with Your Baby instructor; she served as a board member for NYCCAT (New York Coalition for Creative Arts Therapists) and is a member of AMTA (American Music Therapy Association). Lora developed Baby Fingers after Zeke began to sign at 6 1/2 months old! Lora is the author of Sign Language for Kids: A Fun and Easy Guide to American Sign Language (ages 5 & up) and Baby Fingers: Teaching your Baby to Sign (board book series), Sterling Publishers. Look for her Sign Language ABCs. Lora has also co-authored a chapter for a college textbook, and her writing has been published in local parenting magazines.


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