Strengthening Your Post Baby Marriage

The number one challenge that moms with young children face is their marital relationship. In this video, Claudia Heilbrunn, a life coach for moms, tells you the two most important steps that you can take to strengthen your post-baby marriage. Learn exercises, strategies and tips that will help you to reduce marital tension, so that you can create the marital relationship you desire.

For more information about the information that Claudia reviewed in the video, you can click below to download the PDF files for an overview of her strategies, tips and a worksheet.

How to Keep Your Marriage Strong Post Baby – Highlights


How To Keep Your Post Baby Marriage Strong Worksheet


Post Baby Marriage: The Top 30 Tips From Moms Who Have Been There


Claudia Heilbrunn is a certified life coach, parenting expert, speaker, and the owner of Significant Self Coaching. She helps moms who feel overwhelmed, frazzled and confused become calm and confident. Claudia is the author of the ebook, The Calm & Confident Mom: Solutions to the Top Challenges of New Motherhood. She writes a free bi-monthly email newsletter, My Significant Self, which offers solutions the top challenges faced by mothers of babies and preschoolers. For more information about Claudia, her ebook, or ezine, visit her website or contact her at the number below.


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