Talk To Your Kids About Money

In this video, Stacy Francis, owner of Francis Financial Inc., walks us through how to speak to your child about money.  She addresses the most commonly asked questions including “What age is appropriate to broach the subject?” and “Should I give my child an allowance?”  Stacy emphasizes the importance of speaking to our children about money, and teaches us how to introduce the value of money, in order to provide them with the tools necessary to become financially secure and independent as adults.


For more information and review of the information Stacy addressed in her video, please download the PDFs below, which both summarize and reinforce her information.

Talking to Your Kids About Money


An Age By Age Guide


Stacy is a certified financial planner, a nationally recognized media expert, speaker and author of the upcoming book Bounce Back–The New Formula for Financial Success in Any Economy. Her firm, Francis Financial, Inc. is an independent, fee-only firm that provides comprehensive financial planning services.

Stacy is also the founder of Savvy Ladies, a 20,000-plus non-profit educational organization established to empower women to take control of their finances and achieve more rich and rewarding lives.


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