Kids and Discipline

In this video Dr. Karen Rancourt presents a case for why and how parents can call upon others to help teach their children discipline. She gives several examples of how she and other parents have used people who are part of their children’s extended community to assist parents in a very proactive way when the usual discipline measures are not working, or seem to be making the situation even worse.  Join Dr. Rancourt in this segment to learn why, once parents understand the appropriate use of village helpers, they may find disciplining their children easier and more effective.


For more information about the information that Dr. Rancourt went over in the video, you can click below to download the PDF file that outlines Dr. Rancourt’s village helpers’ talk.

Using Village Helpers to Teach Discipline


Dr. Karen Rancourt, founder of Rancourt Parenting is an educator, coach and author, as well as a mother and grandmother. Dr. Rancourt works with parents helping them understand: their child-rearing preferences and styles, how their preferences and parenting styles are similar to those of their spouse/partner, how they may differ, and how to use these preferences to be a more effective parent. Karen received her Ph.D. in human behavior and education from the University of Maryland; she completed her undergraduate work in education and social sciences at Boston University. She is the author of three books and over a dozen business and education articles.


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