Going Back to Work Post Baby

In this video, social worker and author Marsha Greenberg, talks about ways to balance work and family, what the research says and how to define career verses family goals. She discuses the work/family challenges that many women feel and how new roles and responsibilities affect new parents. Join Marsha as she raises important questions for couples to think about and discuses helpful tips on balancing a career and family.



Marsha Greenberg, LMSW, CGE, has a master’s degree in child and family development and social work from the University of Michigan, where she was the director of the Health Systems Early Child Care Program for 20 years. She currently teaches in the Early Childhood Special Education department at New York University and has a psychotherapy practice in New York City where she focuses on a range of issues that impact families, including post partum recovery, marital problems, child development concerns and individual health and well being. Marsha is also the author of the newly released book, Raising Your Toddler published by Globe Pequot Press.


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One Response to Going Back to Work Post Baby

  1. Monica says:

    I love the emphasis on being present for your kids, who isn’t addicted to texting these days? When I start work I wanna start a rule of turning it all off when I come home. Le’ts hope I can stick to it.

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