How To Teach Your Children Effective Writing Skills

In this video, Dr. Emily Levy teaches parents about the cornerstones to good writing skills.  She reviews, step by step, how to teach your children to compose both simple and extended paragraphs.  Dr. Levy outlines the 5 sentences which make up a good paragraph: the topic sentence, three detail sentences and a conclusion sentence, which may highlight the author’s opinion.  She also touches on the importance of brainstorming, writing and self checking one’s work.


Dr. Emily Levy is the founder and director of EBL Coaching, which specializes in one-on-one multi-sensory tutoring in New York City for students in grades preK-12. Dr. Levy received her undergraduate degree from Brown University as well as her Masters Degree in Special Education and Doctorate Degree in Education from Nova University. She is also the author of a 13-part student workbook series called Strategies for Study Success, which teaches students strategies for test taking, note taking, organization, reading comprehension, and writing. Dr. Levy speaks nationally and internationally about these methods.

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