5 Questions for Fox News Meterologist, Sarah Wroblewski


We love Fox News meteorologist, and mother of two, Sarah Wroblewski! Refreshing and honest, Sarah speaks candidly to Mommybites Boston about the challenges and rewards of motherhood. Check out her advice to parents on the brink to going back to work—it’s spot-on.

1. The adage ‘It takes a village’ has never been truer for moms today. Who are the people in your village and how do they help you?

A Village, how about a city! My schedule changes constantly. Some days I’m up at 12:30 AM and other days I don’t get home until that time. I also work not only during the week, but every weekend and most holidays. My husband does most of the heavy lifting. He’s alone, toting the kiddos to family events & birthday parties on the weekend when I’m not around. He also works full time and in the midst of getting his doctorate… so it’s a challenge during the week when we both are out the door before 6AM some days. We are very lucky enough to live close to family that will come over if we are even in a pinch. My mother-in-law is over at least once a week. But we also have outside help too. My kids have been in a home daycare since 4 months old. But when severe weather occurs, like snowstorms and blizzards, I work nonstop… sometimes I don’t even come home. We have lovely neighbors who are willing to watch our kids, so my husband can shovel the driveway so when I do eventually get home…I can actually get in the driveway to see my family.

2. Tell us about a challenge you faced as a mom and how you overcame it.

The weight. With my first child, I was so concerned I was NEVER going to have the same body I had before kids. It was also hard being pregnant on TV and having the whole world see how much you felt like the Good Year blimp.  I gained about 50 lbs, both pregnancies. Not extreme, but also not “ideal”. Getting back into my ‘normal’ size was a goal after my first. Between walking every day and the miracle of Spanx I came close… or at least looked like it.

With my second, the lack of sleep really got to me. The sleep cycle of a newborn is something people tell you about, but you don’t truly understand until you’re in it. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” people would say… but did they have an independent, toddler running around?  I felt like I was in a fog for months. It’s incredible how the human body can function on little to no sleep. Once I added going back to work to the mix, I surely thought there is no way I could survive. While adrenaline of forecasting a blizzard can push me through a 20-hour work day, it’s a completely different story what pushes you through the demands of your little ones.  Coffee helped. The occasional 6-hour sleep felt like a week, but I also came to realize the days I felt best were those when I got in some exercise & ate well.

3. How do you maintain a balance between your work life, your family and having time for yourself?


Time for yourself? What is that? Ha. That balance is hard to find and even more difficult to achieve, especially on a day-to-day basis. It’s not easy, but I do try to find time for myself by either running or boxing… yes, full glove punching. It feels great when you are both mentally and physically challenged, having no choice but to focus on that moment and not think about anything else. I also can’t get caught up in the time with my family that I miss when I’m at work, but cherish the moments I do get with them and time spent teaching them new things. I make a point to do something new & different each week with my kids. It may be explore a new place, or read a new book, to cooking a special recipe. But whatever it is, it’s my special time with them. I love my family and I love what I d…so just giving all I got is exhausting, but rewarding in both aspects of life.

4. Transitioning back to work as a parent is no easy feat. What is one piece of advice you’d give to a mom returning to the office?

The best advice I got…and I give to all my mommy friends that do have to work. Take a moment to relax and sip your coffee while chatting with co-workers. Have an adult conversation with no toddler or infant demands. You don’t have to put your coffee down to only forget where you put it and have it get cold. Enjoy it hot! And also remember you can now go the bathroom whenever you want and without a little audience.

5. You grew up in New England– what are some favorite spots you like to visit with your children?

fall foliage

 My son loves Castle Island. Between the park, planes and beach, it’s a perfect spot. We also like to take in what Mass Audubon has to offer, they tend to have great programs. We also love to beach it in Newport, RI and Cape Cod. One spot I haven’t taken them to yet is Roses Berry Farm in CT. That’s where I grew up; picking blueberries every summer with my parents and grandparents, and I can’t wait to take them there.

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