Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Laugh at the Haha Mama Comedy Show

In 2010 I wrote my first performance piece called “My Abusive Relationship” for a show called Expressing Motherhood which was about my oldest daughter turning 13. It was therapeutic to pour my heart out about how my daughter’s adoration for me turned to disgust and loathing overnight and it was funny! When my confessions about shopping with her in Hollister not only entertained but resonated and validated other mothers experiences, I knew I had to do more! Next I created a show for Mother’s Day called “Motherloaded” where 4 moms told stories from the beginning of life to it’s end. It was a roller coaster of powerful emotion.

I became a regular storyteller and also decided to try stand up comedy. After going to exactly two open mikes nights, I realized that there was no way I could endure the condescending, misogynistic attitudes of the male comics without murdering one of them; so, I formed Boston Comedy Chicks, Boston’s first all female comedy night. What a difference! The female comics bloomed in the room filled with collaborative and supportive energy. The comedy chick community grew, the audiences grew and here we are 6 years later now merged with the Women in Comedy Festival  .

For the past 5 years my precious baby has been the haha mama Mother’s Day Show performed on Mother’s Day. The show is curated to bring the audience diverse and hilarious perspectives about the hardest job on earth. We’ve had great grandmothers, men, teenage boys and mom groups who’ve left everyone at home in the audience. It’s wonderful to laugh at universal stories and jokes about frustrating toddlers, rebellious teens, entitled adult children and all that goes with the task of creating humans. This year, in the Boston Show we have a father of 3 daughters, John Sucich  along with headliner Jane Condon  and 5 other mom comics. Julie Mudd  is our dynamic host for the Manchester NH show along with six very funny ladies.

Both shows in Boston (Dedham) and Manchester, NH are held in hotels which are easily accessible for the physically disabled, easy drop off at main door, plenty of parking AND full bars available before and during the show. The shows are at 5pm allowing for a post brunch or pre dinner experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to say “Thank you for your Service” with the gift of laughter and memories for yourself and the mom in your life. http://hahamamashow.com for tickets.

Robin Maxfield is a certified coach-trainer with more than 20 years experience developing and leading communication training programs. Robin combines her serious understanding of how mindset affects human behavior with a witty and motivational coaching style. Her ability to create and nurture a positive mindset has helped her clients be more effective at persuading, influencing and being dynamic. In addition she has become a stand up comedienne and producer of Boston Comedy Chicks. She saw early on the power of storytelling and humor as effective communication tools for influencing and persuading others. Her “boots on the ground” experience with these skills allows Robin to be uniquely suited for helping others develop these advanced communication skills.

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  1. So excited about this show! I look forward to it all year!

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