Juggling Parenting Styles

Having multiple kids means you constantly have to juggle parenting styles to meet each kid’s specific needs. My oldest and my youngest sons are both very similar to me in terms of calm demeanor, which makes my life a lot easier. My middle son, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, and requires extra guidance and attention (and a lot more breathing techniques for me to get through my days!)

Anger is something that has proven to be very difficult for him to control. He can go from 0-100 without warning. Taking him to family gatherings can be challenging since his tantrums and brutally honest comments like, “This party is sooo stupid!” often prompt unsolicited comments from friends and family members. To help him cope with his anger, I decided to visit an anger management therapist.

Although I’ve only had my first session, I learned some important points: that it is always best to address your child’s behavior by going down to eye level and explaining why it’s unacceptable; that consequences which work for my oldest and youngest will not work for my middle one; and that all behavior, good or bad, is our children’s way of communicating their triggers.

I’m now trying to calm his tantrums by using positive reinforcement and praises when he is acting correctly, and letting him know how he makes me feel when he is acting out.

In the end, he is just a 5 year old boy who is trying to find his way in a grown-up world.

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