Interview: Lyss Stern of Divalysscious Moms

Q: Tell us a little about you (your background, your job, what makes you tick or anything else you think our Mommybites moms will find interesting).

I am the CEO/Founder of Divalysscious Moms , a national, networking and event company. Thirteen years ago, before marketers were even using social media marketing to target moms, I created Divalysscious Moms, as a way to get my groove back after giving birth to my first child and help other mothers find themselves post-baby. In addition to my work with DivaMoms, I have co-authored “If You Give a Mom a Martini,” offering my expertise on Mommy Me-time to women everywhere. The book, which has been optioned to become a motion picture, features contributions from celebrity moms like Kelly Ripa, Christie Brinkley, Melissa Joan Hart and more.

I am a Long Island-native, and mommy-of-three (sons Jackson, Oliver and sister Blake), I am also the co-creator of the new NickMom short-form series “Story Time For Moms” as well as the co creator of the Scripps Networks short-form series “Bad Moms In History”. My second book Motherhood Is A B#tch… 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity, Sexiness, and Inner Diva came out this past April with the foreword written by Jill Kargman.

Q: What or who inspires you?

My three children inspire me each and every day.

Q: What is your best parenting advice?

My best parenting advice is do what works best for you and your family. Do not listen to all the outside noise. Listen to your heart (mother knows best). Remember parenting is not one size fits all. There are many ways to parent!

Q: What’s the worst piece of parenting advice you have heard?

The worst piece of parenting advice I have heard was once that smart phones make kids smarter. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this.

Q: What’s the most common question you are asked by parents?

One of the most common questions that I am asked by parents is… do I know a good nanny? Parents want a great, loving, caring, trust worthy nanny.

Q: What are some of your favorite T.V. shows? Books? Foods?

I love Odd Mom Out, Billions and This Is Us. I try to get to bed by 11pm (this mama needs her sleep). My favorite foods are Sushi, NY Pizza and most anything chocolate and of course Rose wine. I love the books Tender Is the Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell and The Year Of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.

Q: What parenting books do you most recommend to parents?

I loved Ron Lieber’s The Opposite Of Spoiled and my friend Erika Katz has a new book coming out in September that all moms with tweens should read Coach Parenting Raising Teenagers with Advice from Pro Football’s Greatest Head Coaches.

Q: What are some of your favorite parenting products?

Some of my favorite parenting products are..

The Austlen Entourage I wish this stroller was invented thirteen years ago after my first son was born.

I also love most things that are now organic for the little ones from the crib mattress, bedding to the foods that are so fresh and delicious.

Q: If you could be someone else for a day who would it be and why?

I would love to trade places with Donald Trump for one day… I would apologize to everyone for the terrible things I have said and done at a big press conference and then at the end I would resign

Q: What’s up next for you professionally?

I am working with my sister and husband to create a comedy television show about my widowed mother. The show will be called #NanaDoll! We are also working on a fun project for my new book so stay tuned…

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