Carefree August Memories

To honor the end of August – which, for many, represents long, hot, lazy days at the beach- I thought I would share a passage from a beautiful book, called Life Is Full of Sweet Spots by Mary O’Connor:

Marine biologist and author Rachel Carson wrote in her classic book, The Edge of the Sea, of a marginal world, an area where waves have broken against the land, the tides have pressed forward, receded, and then returned. It is an elusive boundary, a place that belongs both to the land and the sea. For me, the edge of the sea, or for that matter, of a lake, a pond or brook, is always a special spot. It is a place of scales and song, of memories, legends and mermaids, of goddesses and fisher kings, of balance, seduction, courtship, aquatic leaves and reeds, camouflage, iridescent colors, mosaics of sand and stone, scavengers that graze and fish that cruise. It is a place to breathe, to linger, to haunt.

Here’s to carefree August memories that hopefully included sticky sweet ice cream, the feel of the sun on sandy skin, catching the next wave and days we wish would never end.

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