7 Simple Ways to Survive 4 Month Sleep Regression

Raising a baby is challenging, but rewarding. As a mom, taking care of your baby’s eating and sleeping is always on the list of priorities. Apart from the happy moments, you will often have to face some issues that could put you under stress if you do not know how to deal with them – especially when when it comes to sleep struggles.

This article will show you how to survive 4 month sleep regression. Here are 7 useful tips.

1. Make a sleeping habit

Up until now, perhaps you only needed 10 minutes to sing your baby a lullaby to sleep. However, now he cries out for at least an hour before falling asleep. If this happens, please be aware that it is a sure sign of change in his or her sleeping habits. In this case, you can try other sleep locations. Set up a quiet, dark, and cool space to promote and protect baby’s sleep.

Also, reading to him is another method that you might find it effective at making your infant sleep quickly and well.

2. Try to be flexible to help your baby fall asleep

As your child is 4 months old, it is impossible to force him to follow your planned sleeping routine. At this point, try to be flexible as much as possible and treat your little one with respect by taking time to watch their sleeping cues. Some clear hints are fussing, eye rubbing, or yawning. When you see these cues, quickly put the baby down and start sleeping activities.

3. Try to feed baby during the daytime

Many parents have complained that their baby is often wide awake at midnight to ask for his feed. To handle this, you should try to give an increased focus on breast or bottle-feeding during the daytime. As a result, the night feedings could be reduced, and baby is likely to sleep all night. However, in the first few days, the infant might still stay awake, so do not refuse him.

4. Co-sleeping is fine

A lot of people will tell you that you should avoid co-sleeping because it can result in the elimination of self-soothing skills. Don’t worry! As your infant develops, you can teach him these skills, but for now, co-sleeping is a useful way to fight sleep regression. If you find it too challenging to follow the reading routine to make him sleep, you should bring your child to sleep in the room with you. This may prevent dropping your baby if you are too tired. *Editor’s Note: Co-Sleeping and Bed Sharing may refer to two different practices. Please see the American Academy of Pediatrics latest Safe Sleep recommendations.

5. Let your child have earlier naps

Before bedtime, infants always take a few short naps during the day. In spite of that, do not let these daytime naps run too late. The last nap should not be after 6 p.m. Why? It is perfectly understandable that there will be more night waking as well as the early morning wake up, while the best time for your child to develop is sleeping time.

6. Put your baby down when he feels drowsy

If you do not want to co-sleep with your little angel, you can put him down into his cot once you see that he is tired and almost asleep. In case your baby cries out, soothe him only and then let him be an independent sleeper. You might find it quite challenging at first, but it is rewarding after he gets used to it.

7. Try sleep training

The tips mentioned above are for supporting you in teaching your baby to get to sleep more quickly and to sleep better. Nevertheless, not all babies are similar in their sleeping habits, so do not panic if the provided tips do not work with your infant. Instead, when you feel like you cannot address the sleep regression, have a consultation with a baby doctor about sleep training.


I hope that these seven tips on how to survive 4 month sleep regression can support you in teaching your infant to be a good sleeper. Keep in mind that your child might be different from other babies, so do not worry if it takes you more time to handle the situation. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we can discuss later.

Emma is the founder of ShrewdMommy, where she and associates blog about pregnancy advice, parenting insights, and tips for mommy. Those experiences will somehow help you in your search for questions about pregnancy and baby tips. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook!

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