S.O.S Product Review: BewellConnect MyThermo Non-Contact Thermometer

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BewellConnect offers an ecosystem for tracking your vitals and activity with stylish, medical-grade products, an easy-to-use app, and services to help you understand your health.

With an easier way to take temperature, MyThermo is a smart and connected non-contact thermometer to measure temperature of the body, room, bottle, or bath.

Results can be seen on the device and tracked over time in the free BewellConnect app for iOS and Android.


I don’t know about you, but my kids HATE to have their temperature taken. Whether they’re sick or well, taking their temperature is akin to torturing them. After a few failed attempts at using a regular digital thermometer in the armpit with my first baby (I couldn’t bring myself to try rectally), I thought I was a genius for buying a temporal artery thermometer, which measures a baby’s temperature with a swipe across the forehead. But it turns out even that can spark a tantrum in my 1-year-old and it’s too much for me to try to use one hand to force his head and body still while using the other hand to ensure the thermometer is gliding across his forehead at the exact right spot.

So when I learned about the MyThermo non-contact thermometer, I was more than intrigued. Non-contact?! Sign me up!

The thermometer comes with three sleek-looking pieces – the thermometer itself, a base to store it, and a USB cable to charge the included battery. After unboxing, I connected the thermometer to my computer, and when I checked it a bit later the device was fully charged and ready to use.

I fiddled around with it for a few minutes to figure out how it works. There’s a button to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and another to switch between body temperature, room temperature, and surface temperature (think bath water or warmed milk in a bottle).

The instruction manual recommends pulling the hair back from the forehead and wiping away any perspiration (keep that in mind when you’re taking the temperature of a sick and sweaty child). Then, you simply hold the device a few inches away from the temple, and click a button. The temperature immediately shows up on the small screen. That’s it.

So with that all straightened out, it was time to attempt it on my kids. About 30 seconds later, I had readings on both children – both had normal temperatures (thankfully), and no one was in tears! It was definitely the easiest time I’ve had taking their temperatures. I could even do this while they’re sleeping or drowsy during sick times!

And that’s not all this thing can do. For starters, there’s a handy app I downloaded in a few seconds, which allows me to track temperatures for anyone in the family. I can see this coming in handy during a prolonged illness – and when it’s time to call the doctor it’ll be a snap to share with her what my kid’s body has been doing for the past few sick days, without me having to remember exactly how and when his fever has progressed. I could also see this coming in handy for charting fertility cycles when trying to conceive.

The thermometer can also check for more than a fever. Our old New England house is subject to drafts in the winter and sauna-like conditions in the summer, and I often worry about not only my kids’ comfort, but also their safety on the hottest and coldest days. This handy thermometer will give me reassurance that no one will suffer from heat exhaustion in their sleep. And how about those too-hot or too-chilly baths I’m always running for my kids? Instead of sticking my arm in the water numerous times to try to get the temperature just right, what if I just waved this little tool over the surface to learn if the bath is ready?

At $99, this thermometer may seem like a bit of a stretch when compared to a $10 digital drugstore thermometer or a $30 temporal scan thermometer. But think of those moments when your kid is sick and in pain, and the sight of a thermometer causes a major meltdown – totally worth it to have a contact-free option!

I did find the user manual to be a little confusing, so I recommend checking out the video on this page for easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, expect to spend a few minutes setting up the app, since you’ll need to enter some information and create your profile. Syncing the phone and the thermometer also required a bit of troubleshooting, as the bluetooth for the phone needs to be on (maybe a “duh” for some, but it took me a minute!). But once I figured the tech side of things out, I was all set, and I won’t have to invest that time in future uses of the MyThermo.

Review by Ashley Dickson

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