The Fifteen Minute Rule!

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At the end of a long day, there are times I look around the house, and say, “When did this happen?!” Things are a bit messy, a bit out of place, and sometimes the last thing I want to do is clean up before going to bed. However, there is no way I can relax and watch some HGTV to unwind knowing there are legos and dolls littering the living room, and the kitchen sink is full of dishes from dinner.

    I take a deep breath, set my timer for 15 minutes on my phone, and let a rip! I get as much done as possible in that time frame. Load up the dishwasher, throw the toys into their proper bins/containers, hang up jackets, and go through the the daily lot of junk mail, bills, etc…

You will undoubtedly surprise yourself with just how productive you can be in such a short time frame! I am instantly relieved and proud of myself! Now I can unwind in my calm, clean home, ready to get some rest before tackling the next day!


Some 15 Minute Tips:

::Go Room by Room::

For the sake of time, ( and sanity!), it is much more effective to completely finish one room and move to the next, versus darting from living to kitchen to mud room.

::Prep for the AM::

This is also a great time to lay out your outfit for the following day, or for your children as well. I also like to make sure my phone is charged and my keys/purse are in the right spot, ready to go when I am! Some also like to pack their own lunch or have the children’s lunch/snacks all packed, and ready for school.

::Jot Down your To Do for Tomorrow::

While the thoughts are fresh in my head, I write a note on my phone or on a piece of paper, then set it on the kitchen counter to recount what I need to do tomorrow: important calls, appointments, groceries, etc…


I hope these little tips help, and I know you will be impressed with how much can be done! You will literally want to high-five yourself the next morning for having your stuff so together! Try it out, set that timer, you’ve got this!

Lauren Costello

Lauren is a Professional Organizer with LUXE Organizing Boston. Organizing is her absolute passion. She loves making spaces in her clients’ homes efficient, yet stylish. Her business caters to the Greater Boston area, as well as the Metro West, and South Shore. You can reach out to Lauren by going to

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