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The Spirit of the Holidays

“I am so sick of Christmas... and the lights... and people wishing me a Merry Christmas!” (with an exasperated sigh thrown in for good measure). These are not necessarily words you would expect to hear at this time of year, yet I hear them almost daily from my 8-year-old. “An 8-year-old who’s sick of Christmas?” you ask incredulously. “How is that possible?”  It’s very possible when this 8-year-old is Jewish, and celebrates Hanukkah.  For those who do not know, Hanukkah... read more

Breaking the Binky Habit

My third child is different from my other two in many ways. The most obvious is that he’s the only one in our extended family with blond hair and amazing crazy curls. He also is the only one with a food allergy, and he’s the only one of my children who took a pacifier for a significant amount of time. So, while he is my third child, and I’d like to think I am somewhat experienced at this whole parenting thing, saying bye-bye to binky was uncharted territory.  When my son was... read more


Today’s kids are more scheduled than ever before, and there are so many options of how to spend their free time, with multiple sources of technology topping the list - TV, computer, iPad, iTouch, iPhone to name a few. Whatever happened to the days of kids playing sports in the yard with neighborhood friends, or imaginative play, or board games, or the simple things? Admittedly, it is hard to get away from it all. I have a solution for you: take your family camping - a great family activity,... read more

Potty Training Or Bust

We recently had a failed first attempt at potty training for our youngest son, who is just over two-and-a-half. It started off going pretty well, but by day three it was clear that he couldn't care less about sitting on the potty, wearing underwear, or getting M&Ms.  Having gone through this with two older children, I knew it was not worth pushing him - he just wasn’t ready. And, you know what? I’m okay with that. Of course, every trip to BJ’s to buy another box of diapers, I... read more

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

How many toys do your kids own? How many do they actually play with? If your kids are like mine, the answers are "a lot" and "not many." But my guess is that anytime you may suggest weeding out some toys that don't get used, your child suddenly clings to them and claims that he uses it or will use it all the time. I have tried to purge toys when my children are around, and it does not work. I have tried explaining that if they hope for new toys, we must make room for them by getting rid of... read more

Teaching Our Kids to Appreciate Others

As parents, we spend countless hours watching our children do things they love. Whether it is something formal like a gymnastics meet, a baseball game, or a weekly dance class, or something low key like watching them color, draw, or build legos, we love to watch our kids, and they love being watched. If I had a dollar for all the “Watch me, mom” I hear... In fact, I recently read an article where it talked about the difference between saying, “You did a great job at gymnastics... read more

Kids and Technology

It is hard to ignore technology in today’s world. For many people (including myself), it would be a challenge to get through the day without using a phone, tablet, e-reader, computer, video game or TV - some out of necessity and some for fun. While it is hard to avoid technological devices as an adult, it can be equally as hard for your child to break away from all the technology that is available to him.  It is amazing how much technology is marketed to children as young as toddler age.... read more

Summer Camp: Get Ready!

It’s winter in New England, which means short days, cold temperatures, snow and ice. You might be thinking about all the fun activities you can do in this weather - like sledding, skating, and skiing. You are probably not thinking about summer camp... but you should be! I know, it sounds crazy, right? And, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that my kids have been signed up for one of their camps since the end of October (I kid you not). If you still have toddlers and babies... read more

The Parent-Teacher Conference

It’s funny being on the other side of things. Having spent my pre-mothering days as a classroom teacher, being on the receiving end of the parent-teacher conference is something I am still getting used to. In talking to some friends who are in other fields, however, many admit to not really knowing what to ask about or share at a parent-teacher conference. At the beginning of the school year, or at your child’s open house, it is a good idea to ask about the kind of reporting that your... read more


One Friday night, right before bedtime (isn’t that convenient?) I watched my daughter repeatedly itch the back of her head.  I have always been hyper-vigilant about checking my kids’ heads when they itch, wanting to avoid what most parents of school aged children fear...LICE! Unfortunately, my luck had run out on this particular evening, and not even the nice glass of wine in my hand could make me feel better about the situation. It’s funny how a small, four letter word referring to a... read more