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5 Reasons Why Children Need a Creative Outlet

Childhood is supposed to be about kids learning to explore their environment and figuring out how to react to the world. School can be a good tool for this, but like as not, school is relegated to learning how to stand in line and how to take and pass tests. There isn’t much room for... read more

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What's the Best Age for Overnight Camp

There may be snow on the ground, but it's already time to think about summer. Believe it or not, now is the time to make summer plans. If you have a second-grader, it’s time to consider sleep-away camp. Why 8 is the perfect age to begin overnight camp Independence and confidence Younger... read more

Top 6 Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping

The struggle is real. Today’s parents are more tired than ever and the culprit is often a 10lbs bundle of love aka a non-sleeping baby. Sleep seems so natural, but so many parents are doing it wrong. Today I attended Kylee’s lecture on the Top 3 Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping. And guess... read more