Cauliflower Banana Smoothie

I never could have imagined there would be a day when I ate cauliflower for breakfast and was OK with it – let alone LOVE it! No, this cauliflower wasn’t a topping on my oatmeal, nor was it a side dish to go with my morning coffee. This cauliflower was FROZEN and in my morning […]

Farmer’s Market Dinner Challenge

I’m guilty of wandering the farmer’s market on a sunny afternoon just because it makes me happy, haphazardly making purchases from the stacks of ripe fruits and overflowing bins of vegetables. And then, I find myself at home in my kitchen with an array of gorgeous, local goodies that make absolutely no sense together. Now […]

Tofu Veggie Bowl

I don’t know about you, but the thought of cooking with tofu used to scare me. I knew I liked the taste because I’d had it in miso soup, but I had NO IDEA how to prepare it. One day, I was talking to a friend who makes tofu regularly, and she insisted it was […]