Bassinet or Crib: Which Is Better for Your Baby?

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When it comes to the bedding for your toddler, you can choose either a bassinet or a crib. Here are some differences between the two to help you decide which baby bed is best for you.

Sleep is a crucial aspect of a toddler’s life. There is no doubt that your newborn will spend most of the day dozing away. Among the many decisions a parent has to make, figuring out your child’s sleeping quarters is one of the most important ones. Thankfully, there are options available for you to choose from.

Bassinets and cribs are the main types of beds available for your little one. If you are pondering about the bassinet vs crib difference, here is some helpful information.

What is a Bassinet?

A bassinet is a baby bed that looks like a basket with legs and a hood. These are mostly made of wicker and fabric or aluminum. If you live in a small space, bassinets are a great option because they are small and can fit easily into the same room as you.


  • Bassinets are lightweight and small, thereby making them a great option if you are looking for something portable.
  • These beds are very comfortable and cozy.
  • Organic fabric and wicker can be used to build them.
  • Allows baby to be close by or near parents – during the day and night
  • Bassinets have very pocket-friendly price rates.


  • Since bassinets are made for very young babies, they may become too small for your baby soon.

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What is a Crib?

Out of all available options for baby beds, cribs are the largest ones. They are very sturdy and have high railings as well. Thanks to these features, your child will be well-protected while sleeping.


  • Cribs are big enough for your child and will last for years rather than months.
  • Some cribs can be opened up to make a bed after a child grows.
  • Cribs are good for toddlers who like sleeping in their nurseries rather than in their parents’ rooms.
  • Since cribs have high walls, they are very safe, especially if in a room all alone or in a house with pets; the babies cannot get out easily as well.


  • Cribs are not portable and cannot be carried around easily.
  • If your child sleeps in your room, then a crib may be too big.
  • Since they are made of high-quality and sturdy materials, cribs can be expensive.

Should You Choose a Bassinet or a Crib? 

Both bassinets and cribs for a newborn are designed for the same purpose – for your child to sleep safely comfortably. However, the primary difference between the two is longevity and size. Cribs are designed for long-term use due to their big size; however, they are not portable. On the other hand, while even the best baby bassinet can last only 6 to 8 months, bassinets are easy to move.


If you take a close look at a crib, they are basically beds for a child. It is surrounded on all four sides by a plastic or wooden frame. The sleeping surface is made up of mattresses, but they are usually sold separately. The frames on all four sides ensure that the child cannot get out. It is high enough so that even if the infant stands upright, they will still not get out.

On the other hand, the bassinet also has a frame on all four sides. However, it looks more like a basket, made of cloth-like polyester, plastic, or wicker. It is designed to provide maximum comfort for the early months of parenthood.

Unlike the crib, a bassinet is fitted with many features like music, a nightlight, etc., that can soothe a baby at night. Each bassinet is designed for a specific purpose. You will not find all types of features in a bassinet. In the case of a crib, it is just ample space for your child to sleep. 

Ease of Use and Portability

When it comes to portability in a bassinet or crib for sleep, the bassinet is a clear winner. These beds are very lightweight and can be carried around easily. On the other hand, cribs are sturdily built, which makes them not very mobile and a bit heavy. Bassinets can be folded as well. They can be reduced to a portable size so that they can be carried away or stored easily.

However, when it comes to cleaning, cribs are very easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the mattress and clean it. In the case of a bassinet, you will have to disassemble some parts to clean it out. The crib is the winner here.

Final Thoughts

What is better: a crib or bassinet? The type of bedding you choose will depend on your circumstances. If you are looking for something portable, cheap, and placed in your room, the bassinet is a great choice. However, a crib is the next best alternative if you are looking for large bedding for your child and don’t mind the extra expense.

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