Your Career v. Baby #3

The decision to have a child is one that most people decide way before having the child. It is a fantasy to some at a very early age and with others it comes with age and as long-term relationships are established. But for most of us, having a child usually happens once we have begun a career. Depending on our financial situation and/or our career goals, moms do go back to “work.” They go back to a career already in progress as well as continue with their new job of being a mom. The balancing act is tough but many survive and thrive. At some point there comes into question the possibility of having another child. It’s no surprise as many families have two children; the national average of children per household is two.

That is where most families stop, as evidenced in the national average. So what about having a third, fourth, etc. child? How does that affect a mother’s career? According to a Chronicle of Higher Education article, it is a career killer. It’s such a strong statement, yet is it true? What do you think? Does having more than two children mean your career as you know it is over? If you are a mom of more than two children what toll, if any, has having multiple children done to your career?

~Elise, babybites NJ

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