Creative Snack Ideas For Plane Rides With a Toddler

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Traveling with a toddler can be a little stressful. You never know how changes in altitude will affect their attitude, and it’s hard to prepare everything you may need in case of a meltdown. 


You also need to be aware of laws and regulations surrounding the snacks you can bring on a flight. The TSA has strict laws about what foods and drinks are permissible, so avoiding waste by planning ahead is important. 


Fortunately, there are plenty of creative snacks to help your toddler take to the skies without throwing a tantrum. 

TSA Regulations

The TSA has tight regulations about what you can or cannot bring on a flight with you. Ultimately, these regulations are designed to protect you and the other passengers on board. Avoid frustration by learning what you can and can’t bring on the flight


In general, you cannot bring bottled water over 100ml on board with you. However, other liquids like follow-on formulas have special instructions that you need to follow. The TSA recommends that you bring all baby formulas in a clear container. 


Most toddlers are past the stage when they need a follow-on formula. In these cases, you need to prepare their food in much the same way that you prepare your own. Place their snacks in clear, plastic bags to speed up the security line process, and do not bring more than 100ml of any liquid on board with you. 


We all get peckish on a plane. But, plane food is expensive and your toddler is unlikely to understand the need for patience when their stomach starts to grumble. Rather than sitting with a hungry, unhappy toddler, do some toddler-friendly packing and prepare some of their favorite snacks for the flight. 


Start with fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy foods is a great way to boost energy and feel better. Water-rich foods like grapes, berries, and cucumber can also help your toddler stay hydrated during the flight. 


You should also pack some snacks that help settle an upset stomach. Snacks like crackers and bread can be helpful if your child starts to feel sick on the plane. Present these in interesting ways to prevent boredom and take your toddler’s mind off travel. Consider options like: 


  • Cut sandwiches into fun-shaped silhouettes
  • Bring the filling with you, so you can build a sandwich together
  • Do a “blind test’ to see if they can tell what they’re eating


Ultimately, you need to give your child food that keeps them energized and prevents travel sickness. This can make all the difference during a long flight when they may become bored, dehydrated, and troublesome.  


Eating snacks and staying hydrated can help you travel in comfort. However, your toddler may become bored with the usual offering of water — especially if you’re enjoying complimentary beverages like tea or coffee. 


However, due to TSA regulations, you probably won’t be able to bring pre-made “fun drinks” with you on the flight. Instead, try to bring drinks that you can mix and create together while on board. 


For example, if your child loves the taste of fruit drinks, consider bringing small pouches (less than 100ml) of limeade or fruit syrup. Just be aware of how much concentrated fruit juice your child uses, as they are usually high in sugar. 


You can also bring a powdered milkshake on board with you. Creating milkshakes on board together can be a real treat for you both. Just be sure to test the powdered milkshake before you fly, as you may need a more powerful mixer for some powders to dissolve properly. 


As a parent, you have to get a little creative when your toddler is traveling with you. Be sure to bring a range of “fun” snacks and foods that can help settle their tummy if they start to feel unwell in the air. Pay attention to TSA recommendations, too, as this will speed up the boarding process.