Hidden Dangers Found in Homes

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By Rene Appelbaum, co-owner of Baby Proofers Plus, Inc.

Based on a 2008 CDC Childhood Injury Report, approximately 14 million children newborn to 4 years sustained nonfatal, unintentional injuries in or near their home. Most of these injuries are predictable, preventable and controllable. Here are five things you can do to prevent injury from hidden dangers most often found in your home.

– Monitor wires near crib. If a baby can pull the wire through the crib slats he/she can bite onto a live electrical wire or wrap the cord around his/her neck.

– Children mimic what they see. So belts, neckties, dog leashes, scarves, and other items 7” or longer should not be hanging around.

– If it fits inside a cardboard toilet paper roll it’s probably a choking hazard. Get down on all fours, your child’s world, and check for small choking hazards.

– You might think your child is totally safe when in the arms of an adult. But now that your child is higher up, a distraction means your baby can grab butcher block knives, dimmer switches, window or telephone cords, etc.

– Be sure you remove the silica deodorizer packet that comes with all new shoes. They are the perfect size for little hands and little mouths.

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