Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

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While kids love unwrapping toys, especially during the holidays, they can really only play with so much. For the kids who have everything (as in every plaything they could ever need) it’s time to step away from the toy aisle! 


Thankfully, there’s so much more than clothes and shoes in the non-toy category of kid gifts–many of which will still deliver those coveted ear-to-ear smiles when they’re unwrapped. So when the proverbial toy box is truly overflowing, try these unique kid gift ideas instead. 


Kid’s Chair

From toddlers to tweens, kids always think having a seat their own size is awesome. For little kids, look for slipcover styles so you can easily wash away the inevitable snack spills. For older children, an extra comfy style is ideal for reading, gaming, and lounging. There are also cool convertible styles that can expand into beds for naps or sleepovers.  


Toy Organizer

Clear plastic bins get the job done, but there’s so many ways to make toy storage more fun. Plus, when you’ve got a cool spot to put your toys, cleaning them up feels like part of the game. (Or at least that’s the hope!)


Wall Art 

Kids of all ages will get enjoyment out of a special piece of art hanging on their wall–especially if it’s designed to teach or inspire (think alphabet prints or motivational quotes). Make the gift even more thoughtful by customizing it with their name or choosing designs or colors that match their room decor.  



Blankets aren’t just for babies! Wrap up a style with a cool feature, like glow-in-the-dark shapes or a warming pocket for their feet, and kids will be more excited than ever to snuggle up on the couch. For even more use, choose a size that also works on their bed so they can use it as a layer on chilly nights.



You don’t need to be a jet setter to get good use out of a suitcase. Whether kids are packing up for a family sleepover in the den or their first night at grandma’s, a set of lightweight wheels will encourage independence and excitement. 


Piggy Bank

It’s never too early to teach kids to be financially responsible. Wrapping up a piggy bank (seed investment, optional) can get little ones to save and have fun while doing it. Plus, there’s few sounds as captivating as the clink clink clink of a coin dropping into the well.  


Hot Cocoa Mug

Kids consider hot chocolate more of an activity than a snack. So what better way to level up the milk warming, the powder stirring, and the marshmallow dunking than with a special mug? Personalize it with their name and you’ve got yourself a gift they’ll hold onto forever. 


Art Set 

Inspire budding artists with their own suitcase of supplies. With a convenient kit, every color marker and crayon has its own place, which makes picking out–and putting away!–the perfect shade part of the fun. Even toddlers will take better care of their drawing supplies when they are packaged neatly like this! 


Lap Tray 

This is a gift kids and parents can get excited about because it may single handedly save your ottoman or rug from a pending disaster. A lap tray works to corral art supplies, building toys, after-school snacks, even homework essentials all while giving kids a flat place to lean on. 



Once kids start school, having an alarm clock in their room helps foster independence. Make that an alarm clock that jumps off the dresser and rolls around the room for them to catch and you’ve got yourself a gift that will get everyone up in a good mood in the morning. 


Cooking Set 

Want to get kids involved in family meal prep? A cooking set–complete with an apron, kid-size utensils, measuring cups and more–is an easy way to get them excited about food and can be used by little ones in the family kitchen or play kitchen. 


Instant Camera

If you’re guilty of taking a ton of photos but never actually printing them, an instant camera is a win-win gift to add to the list. Kids can point and shoot at a surprisingly young age so they’ll love being in control of the picture-taking, and you’ll finally have hard copies of family photos (along with some random corners of your house, of course) that you can hang up at home.



This is a great gift for any kid who’s ever asked to hold your umbrella, leaving you out in the rain uncovered or squatting so low that your knees hurt. Make it a style that changes color or has their favorite characters on it and the whole house will be cheering for a rainy day.  


Gift Cards

If you can find a clever way to wrap it up, giving kids a gift card for lessons or a local experience is always a huge help to the family budget, not to mention great learning experiences. For example, you can wrap up goggles when you give a gift card for swim lessons, or combine a watercolor set with a gift card to a ceramics-painting place. A little imagination goes a lot way to getting kids excited about the fun that’s yet to come!