babybites on Dr. Oz – Thursday, 10/22, 3 PM Channel 5!

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Hey everyone – Laura here.  Very excited to tell you that I will be a guest on tomorrow’s Dr. Oz. show.  The show is about moms drinking while on “mom duty.”  Do you remember the book  Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Nap Time is the New Happy Hour by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor?  She is this amazingly cool mom who a few years ago was on the Today Show because she and her mom friends would frequently get together for ‘cocktail playdates,’ meaning her mom friends would come over to her house with their kids so the kids could play while the moms enjoyed some wine.  Babybites was also featured on the same Today Show segment  because we sometimes offer a mommy happy hour in NYC for moms with babies in tow!  Moms come to a bar, enjoy a glass of wine, and the babies enjoy some type of musical entertainment.  

Well, just this past August there was an article in The New York Times called Heroine of Cocktail Moms Sobers Up  and guess who the article was about??  You guessed it!   Stephanie Wilder-Taylor!  And guess who was also mentioned in the same article??  You guessed it – babybites!  Turns out that Stephanie started becoming a little too dependent on alcohol and decided that she needed to stop drinking because it was becoming more than just a little hobby.  

And this brings me to the Dr. Oz. show that is being aired tomorrow.  The show is called A Crisis With America’s Moms and discusses whether or not it is OK for moms to be drinking while taking care of their kids.  This is clearly a sensitive topic these days after the whole Diane Schuler disaster a few months ago.  Dr. Oz. wanted me on the show because I am of the opinion that it is absolutely OK for moms to have a glass of wine (or two) while with their kids.  Now wait – let me make a few disclaimers.  First, I am talking about NYC moms who can walk to their destination after they have a drink, or suburban moms who are home and are not leaving the house again.  I am NOT talking about suburban moms (or city moms or any moms for that matter) who need to get into a car with their kids after they have a drink.  Second, I am also talking about intelligent, responsible women who know their limits.  For example, I know that I can easily have one glass of wine and be completely functional.  Some women can easily have two drinks.  Some none.  But that is for us women to decide, not for the general public to decide.  I just find it so hypocritical that it is completely acceptable for men to go to a football game with their kids, have a few beers, and drive home and nobody thinks twice about it.  What do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 

On a lighter note – I actually met Dr. Oz. when I was getting my hair and make-up done.  He came in while my hair was in rollers (thank goodness my make-up was already done!) and came right up to me and introduced himself.  He thanked me for being on the show and told me not to be nervous.  He was so super nice and really genuine.  I have to admit – I have a new crush!

 Anyway – hope you will watch me tomorrow because I stand by women and moms making the right, responsible choice for themselves when it comes to drinking alcohol.  The show will air at 3:00 PM, channel 5, Thursday, October 22nd.    

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