How Mothers Can Claim Professional Independence

As a mother with young children at home, you might think there’s no way you can “have it all”. After all, your daily lifestyle can be placed on the back burner as you prioritize your children. However, you can still have it all — including gaining professional independence — no matter what field you operate in.

Today, mothers of young children can take advantage of any career path thanks to accommodations like flexible schedules and remote work. With these accommodations, you can take care of your little ones without having to hire anyone to help.

Your work lifestyle doesn’t have to interfere with the long-term growth of your kids either. In fact, your lifestyle may benefit them, as working moms raise more independent children. If you can figure out how to effectively balance motherhood and a career, both you and your kids will benefit.

The Benefits of an Independent Professional Life

Being a mother is an incredibly stressful job, especially if you’re trying to do everything on your own. You might think caring for your children 24/7 is what’s best for both of you, but as the old saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” If you’re stressed, you could be putting yourself at risk of burning out. You could also increase
your risk of common health conditions like:
● Asthma;
● Anxiety;
● Cardiovascular disease;
● Diabetes.

With these risk factors in mind, you may think that advancing your career may only aggravate your stress symptoms. However, you may find the opposite to be true. Finding your passion in the right job can alleviate any stress around financial concerns, and you’ll also soar to spiritual highs by setting and achieving professional goals. Having a job to get to each day makes it easier to establish healthy routines and practice self-care while staying connected with your
kids. That being said, you can only take advantage of these benefits as long as you establish a healthy work-life balance that allows you to be more present with your children when you’re not working.

Finding the Right Job

If you want to balance being a mother and having a job, things like setting routines, being present when you’re off the clock, and even possibly hiring a nanny could help — especially if you find a career outside of the home. A support system makes a big difference when you’re trying to find a career that fits your lifestyle. Your support system may also look different from others as well. It could include your partner or spouse, other family members, or someone you hire.

But, don’t automatically assume you have to apply to the traditional 9-5 jobs and commute to work each day to find financial freedom. There are plenty of family-friendly careers that might fit your needs and allow for flexibility, including:
● Customer service representative;
● Elementary school aid;
● Home health aid.

Freelancing can also be a fantastic choice if you have a specific skill or area of expertise. For example, if you’ve always been a good writer, you might be able to make a living blogging in a profitable niche. Maybe you have a unique parenting perspective or ideas and advice that could benefit other people. Freelancing and blogging alike allow you to make money and stay creative— both of which can be done from the comfort of your home so you can stay present in your kids’ lives during the early and influential stages of their lives.

Taking Care of Yourself

While you can “have it all” in terms of raising your young kids and claiming professional independence, don’t ignore self-care in the process. Things like prioritizing sleep, staying active, and maintaining your mental health will all make a difference in being able to balance a career and motherhood. You’ll also benefit from practicing financial self-care by setting a realistic budget, opening a savings account, and planning for retirement.

The steps you take today to claim professional independence will not only have a positive impact on your life now. Your kids will grow up seeing and knowing what a hard worker you are, and learn the importance of building that resilience. However, you’re also teaching them more than you might realize by striking a healthy work-life balance. So, don’t be afraid to start the job hunt and claim the professional (and financial) independence you deserve.