The Importance of Water Safety for Children

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I’ve been a TV host and sports broadcaster for 8+ years and am about to be a mama of 2 under 2. Add in winemaker, along with my love for giving back. Basically, trying to get it all done… and done well. Sometimes I knock it out of the park. Other times I miss the ball. Overall, I’m enjoying the process which is most important!  While raising my daughter, one focus for us was teaching her water safety.

We were referred to an amazing swim coach who recommended that my daughter, Micah, begin swim lessons at four months old. We got the OK from our pediatrician and hit the ground running.

Seeing Micah’s progress and actually witnessing her fall in the pool as an infant and save herself was really eye-opening and made me really see the importance of having kids learn this life-saving skill even before walking.

Every time you hear of a horror story of a child drowning, it’s absolutely heartbreaking because it’s always preventable. My daughter is now almost 18 months old and a better and safer swimmer than her mama, thanks to our coach and our focus on water safety.

I hate to say it because I know it’s hard for parents to hear – especially single parents – however, supervision needs to double up. Many parents use alarms on their doors and baby gates around pools for extra support.  I recommend starting swim lessons as early as 6 months old! And, as our coach taught us, ALWAYS send the child to the wall, not a person. A wall will always be there. A person will not. It gives a false sense of security.

Parents tend to wait too long to start the process. Also, it’s not a one-week course and you’re done. It’s practice and follow through. And well worth it.

If you are a parent and you live anywhere where there is water… please please please have your child learn water safety. We are here to protect them, and we have to give them the tools to be able to protect themselves in case of emergencies.

Water safety is so important. It’s more important than learning to walk. It’s more important than learning a sport. And, it’s more important than learning to play an instrument. It can be the difference between life and death in a matter of seconds.

Please watch our PSA on Water Safety and SHARE with whomever you can. It may save a life!

Kavita Channe is a Mother, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, and TV Host. As a single mom, she encompasses the definition of a philanthropic caregiver. She is the founder of Channé Rosé and with experience as a sportscaster, Kavita is now on her way to releasing her new motherhood book, specializing in raising a baby as a single person, without a partner. She is about to have baby #2. Busy and blessed. 

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